1.Where is the saddle shop located? We are in beautiful Bryant Alabama on top of Sand Mountain, twenty miles southwest of Chattanooga Tennessee. 

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2. What are your hours of operation? The saddle shop is open Monday - Friday from 8:00-4:00 E.S.T. Feel free to call or visit anytime.  

3Do you have saddles in stock to look at or ready to ship? Yes, when we have time to build extra custom saddles for stock. That number is usually very limited.  Call ahead if you are looking for a particular one.

4. What type of leather do you use? We use only 13-15 oz. Herman Oak US Steer Hides 

5. How do I know what size saddle will fit my horse? It is always best to work directly with the saddle builder. We can email you directions on doing a withers tracing to check the bar angle. There are no industry standards in tree sizes so buying a saddle can be difficult. Most budget priced saddles are all built on the same quarter bar style tree so you will just keep buying wrong fitting saddles if your horse needs a special fit. 

6. What type of payments do you take? We accept Money orders, cashiers checks, Paypal (credit cards), and we do have a lay-away plan. 

7. Do you ever have any used saddles?  Not normally but never say never. We only build new and don't accept trade in saddles.  

8. Are your saddles covered by a warranty? Yes our saddles are covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Remember cleaning and oiling a saddle is the life of your saddle. Saddles are not covered against abuse and neglect, only normal riding conditions.  

9. Can you do custom intials, brands, or trophy saddles?  Yes you are only limited by the budget you have set.  

10. How long does it normally take to build a saddle?  That depends on several things. If the tree has to be made or if the saddle is very decorative it will take a couple of extra weeks over the normal build times.  Depending on how many orders are ahead of yours the build will generally take 2-6 weeks.