Dear RC,

I wanted to tell you what an amazing job Riders Choice did creating my custom saddle. I know that I presented you with a large number of goals both in design and with my hard to fit gelding. Your customer service really shined as you rose to meet every challenge. We have been fraught with rain this past week, which has been like waiting to open the Christmas present that is waiting under the tree. I finally had some sunny days, and I really road tested my saddle and saddle pad. We did several 3+ hour trail rides, and really came back with a evenly wet saddle pad. After going up and down hills, over water, jumping several felled trees and riding through all 4 gaits, I have to say that this is the most comfortable saddle for both my horse and I - EVER! I was amazed that I never had that "I gotta get my feet out of these stirrups for a stretch" feeling. The free swinging fenders really took the pressure off my knees and ankles. The thick padding used for the memory foam seat also made things supremely comfortable, all through the ride. The Bear Traps on the saddle really locked me in during a fast gallop down a long road. At 48, I felt like I had a seat as balanced as when I was 17.
Your materials are first class. Your customer service was above and beyond my expectations. All tolled, your price was amazing and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for everything. I can't stop raving about your company!
Very Sincerely,
Carol Hall
All the wonderful people at Riders Choice,

I got my saddle today, and I cried when I opened the box. It is a piece of art, and I almost feel bad touching it! I have NEVER seen such a beautiful, and beautifully made saddle. I have a friend who just got The flex-lite Topeka (the one mine is modeled after) and she wanted to trade! NO WAY! She couldn't believe the price that I paid for it. It is honestly the most beautiful thing I own, and my favorite purchase as well. :) (Even OVER my truck!) My friend is actually going to see what she can get for her saddle, and I'll be sure to send her your way.That being said, it fits my hard-to-fit gelding PERFECTLY, and it fits me the same. I could NOT be happier with it. Can't say enough good about it. I am in love with my saddle. Was WELL worth the wait... And thank you for getting it out so quickly, I get to go on that trail ride with some new friends. I will ALWAYS go to your company FIRST for any of my saddle needs. I don't even have to say anything about wondering if it will last a long time... I'm pretty sure it's going to live longer than I do. 
Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING! 


Just a quick note to express my appreciation and gratitude.  I received the new G.W. Crate saddle you folks made for me on Thursday of this past week.  On Saturday we had our monthly practice session for our SCA Barony's Equestrian group, and I put the saddle on HAP.  Within a few passes around the arena, I could feel a huge difference in the comfort of this saddle over my old saddle.  The seat padding, the "swing-free" stirrups, and the "montana Twist" all contributed to a much improved ride.  Additionally, I could tell that HAP felt a better fit in your saddle than in anything he had worn before!  His movement was much more relaxed and he had none of the little "quirks" in warming up the he had previously shown.

We had several other (very experienced) riders at the session, and although not all were western riders, without exception all commented on the quality and great looks of the saddle.  By the time we get out to some of our competitions, and more riders out here see this beautiful saddle, I hope you will pick up a few more customers.  Please feel free to place this letter in your file, or on your web store, as a tribute and high recommendation for your Riders Choice and G.W. Crate products!
HAP and I thank you and your staff for providing us with an even better saddle than we expected (and I really did expect a lot after researching Riders Coice and your products very thouroughly!), and at a VERY reasonable price (again, several members of the group on Saturday were throwing out guesses of what I paid for the saddle , and all were at least two to three times what you  actually charged). Thanks also for working with me to get the saddle configured to the exact specifications I needed.  In my opinion, you again went way beyond my expectations. 

Thanks again!
Best Regards,
Randy Norris

Back in July I ordered a G.W. Crate 17" roping saddle from you. I received the saddle and breast collar at the beginning of August. After extensive testing being used as a wrangler for High Mountain Stables, a trail riding company in Mormon Lake, Arizona, and accumulating a few hundred hours of saddle time from August to October, this is by far the best saddle I have ever owned. The comfort level of this saddle is exceptional! Spending 6-7 hours in the saddle on a busy weekend day is nothing. The owners were amazed at the quality and value of it. They were shocked at the low cost and the great quality. I have been a name brand cowboy for years before buying Billy Cook, and various circle saddles. Your saddles are right up there with them. I am sure glad I found your company, and will be a customer for life if I ever wear out the one I have now. Thank you for making such a great saddle at such an affordable price.
Customer for life,
Derek Dail
High Mountain Stables