Terms & Conditions

Our pledge to you:

In our commitment to quality, Riders Choice, pledges to provide safe and durable products, made from as many American made materials as possible. We pledge to keep Americans working so that generations of riders can experience an American made saddle. Your products are made from real leather, which is a live product that was once upon a cow that lived a full life. Because of this fact the leather has life lines that have occured from time to time, along with the fact that our products are handmade, which means that being hand cut or tooled, each product will be one of a kind......like no other. You won't be buying a cookie cutter plastic saddle, but a saddle built by old world craftsmanship that tells a story not unlike the stories of the old west itself.

If for any reason you find that you can't use the item here is what you do:

You may return any item for any reason. You have 20 days to return the item. For the item to be returned it must be in like new condition: this means unridden, without marks on the straps, horse hair or smells, etc. With this purchase the buyer agrees to pay any and all return shipping and insurance charges along with a; 1)10% restock fee for saddles, or 2) 25% restock fee for pads or tack; or the original shipping cost, whichever is higher. To return an item go to the bottom of our website and find the Customer Service link. Under this heading you will find a link for returns. Fill out all the information along with your invoice number and reason for return.  We will send you a return merchandice authorization code to use.  You may use any carrier you wish to return the item. Please make sure to insure it for your safety. Once the item arrives in good condition your refund will be sent in same method that you paid.

Lifetime Warranty

As of 2/10/2016 our G.W. Crate saddles are covered by a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship only. The warranty covers the saddle tree and the body of the saddle. To file a warranty claim call 1-256-597-2424 and ask for a WAN (warranty authorization number).  Materials and Labor are the only things covered by the warranty. Warranty work must be done at our location in Bryant Alabama. Warranty only covers defects that occur during normal riding. Warranty does not apply to saddles that have been neglected or abused. For instance: Saddles that have been driven over by your truck, saddles that have been cut by barbwire, sticks or any other object, saddles that have not been properly cleaned and oiled leading to dry cracked leather, horses that decide to start break dancing on top of your saddle.  If you have any questions please call the shop and we would be glad to help.